Lamu's Last Chinese.

It is said that some of Admiral Zheng He’s sailors were shipwrecked on this island off the Kenyan coast centuries ago. Meet 6 residents of the Lamu archipelago believed to be the last descendants of those Chinese sailors. It was a legendary trading route that for thousands of years connected Europe with Asia, and ancient Rome with Ancient China. 

Earthen Jar Found In The Sea in Lamu.

Rare Lamu European Porcelain Plaques With Islamic Emblem Of Two Lions Lifting The Crescent. The Emblem Has Three Languages Written. Arabic, English and Chinese.

Gold Ear Plugs Worn By Lamu Women Only On Special Occasions & Celebrations. Amazing Intricate Workmanship. The True Treasures of Lamu.

What Happened To The Chinese Explorers That Landed In East Africa.

we’re going to discuss the Chinese explorers that landed in the East African country of Kenya approximately 600 years ago, and what happened to their descendants, along with discussing Chinese and East Asian history in the continent of Africa.

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